Mental Health and Wellbeing programmes

There is mounting evidence to suggest certain lifestyle changes can help to promote wellbeing and act as buffers against mental ill health for all age groups. In the current social climate it has become easier to find oneself increasingly isolated and cut off from face to face social interaction. As human beings, feeling close and the need to be valued by others are important factors in our wellbeing.

Day to day pressures on our time and finances can also lead to lifestyle choices than can impact on our well being and mental health, from a lack of physical activity to persistently high stress levels both potentially contributing to depression and other well being issues.

At Achieving Goalz, we offer programmes combining physical activity and healthy eating designed to enhance well being and to help minimize the occurrence of mental illness issues now and in the future.

Social Interaction

Achieving Goalz has a number of support programmes designed to help individuals regain their self confidence and ability to interact through the introduction of positive organised activities.

All age groups are supported with a variety of group events encompassing a large variety of activities including country walks and trekking, visiting local events and places, sports days and visting comedy clubs to name but a few.

All designed to promote social relationships and to strengthen the concept of connecting is good.

Physical Activity

Regular physical activity is associated with lower rates of depression and anxiety across all age groups. Exercise is essential for slowing age-related cognitive decline and for promoting well-being.

Achieving Goalz offers a number of physical activity programmes to suit all ages designed to help individuals, families and groups become more active. Programmes can be tailored to suit individual needs from gentle to quite intensive activities with fully qualified trainers always on hand to offer advice and support. Our range of activites include fun and fit sessions, vigour boarding, street dance, football ,martial arts and boxing.

Social Interaction

Physical Activity

Gentle Activity

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