Sports Programmes

These programmes are designed for all age groups from young children to youths and adults of all abilities Our sports programmes are also designed to fit around other lifestyle activities. By encouraging all ages to get involved in sport we believe our sports programmes can also help to;


Department of Health recommendations

The government recommends we all do 150 minutes of physical activity every week suited to your age and current physical condition. Getting your heart beating doesn’t always have to involve strenuous gym work and we have a number of programmes designed for everyone.

Healthy Ageing

Being active, eating well and getting some sun to help with your Vitamin D levels are all part of the healthy ageing process which can help you to be free from chronic disabling conditions and maintain physical independence along with your mental functions. Exercise can also help with arthritic conditions by keeping joints flexible through gentle and moderate exercise and to ease pain and stiffness.

Recovering from broken limbs

Exercise after recovering from broken limbs can help build up the strength in your bones and muscles and to ease any stiffness

Our sports programmes include the following:

Fun and Fit

Fun & Fit sessions take place in a variety of settings including primary schools, childrens centres, pre-school nurseries and community centres. Our target groups are children aged 2 to 11 years including pre-school and key stage 1and 2.

We encourage parents to exercise with their children at the clubs if at all possible. Clubs are offered as breakfast, after school clubs and curriculum time.

The session format includes a warm up, and then circuits of activities on the equipment or talking part in agility, balance or coordination activities. The session finish with games. Children work in pairs or individually dependent upon the activities.

Vigour Boarding

The LA Vigor board is an exciting new alternative and addition to the traditional physical activities currently available for children in school. The board is propelled by the rider’s twisting movements while both feet are placed firmly on its front and rear panels, no incline is required and the board’s nylon wheels make it ideal for use on gym floors, in school halls or outside on the playground.

There are two type of board available, the standard two wheel board and the junior three wheel board. The standard two wheel board is easy to learn and use but for children with less confidence or poor balance the three wheel Junior board has been developed.

Streetz Dance

Have you ever seen the hottest pop band’s music video or performance on TV? Then you will already know what street dance looks like. Street dance takes any form of popular music – from pop to hip hop – and choreographs routines to the beats.

Achieving Goalz and Dreams offers qualified dance teachers who can teach dance. Dancers are taught street dance moves and routines are choreographed to enable students to perform at the end of the 6 week block.


FA Qualified Coaches
One to one or group sessions
Basic to advanced skills covered

Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Self Defence

Martial Arts – Qualified Instructors
Boxing – ABA affiliated coaches
One to One or group sessions
Strictly non contact
Beginners to experienced individuals welcome

School and Holiday Clubs

Saturday Club
Morning Club
After School Club
Curriculum Time
Sport Coaching Academies Covering All Holidays

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