Fun holistic sports and healthy lifestyle and wellbeing programmes

Achieving Goalz and Dreams Ltd creates fun and holistic sports and healthy lifestyle and wellbeing programmes, to help children and families become healthier and fitter and to protect against mental ill health.These progammes are designed for all age groups from young children to youths and adults of all abilities from exemplary to hard to reach.



Health, exercise and well being programmes

We offer specialist health services regarding nutritional advice and the creation of tailored health and well being programmes designed for all ages covering individuals from young children, youths, adults and the elderly and also families, schools, youth services and community groups. Our programmes help you to achieve all the goalz as you go through life.

We aim to combine physical activity, healthy eating and wellbeing to establish a healthier lifestyle by introducing fun and interactive programmes that establish and reinforce healthy habits not just for now, but for life! Our programmes deal with obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol,healthy cooking, physical activity and helping to fight against mental ill health.

Physical Literacy and our children

We all understand the importance of a sound education to help our children make a good start in their working lives, but sometimes the value we attach to “physical literacy” in our children is sadly missing.

Physical activity programmes can:-

  • Encourage children with natural but hidden talents
  • Educate children through physical activity
  • Change children’s lives through sport

Economic well being

Our society is constantly changing, unfortunately not always for the better. With the intake of junk foods on the rise and a lack of regular exercise commonplace especially in the younger generations, our Healthy Lifestyles programmes are designed to not only help combat obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other lifestyle illnesses, but just as important to promote positive behaviour, good health and self esteem.

Whilst a healthy lifestyle can benefit everyone, getting into good habits at a young age can prevent health issues appearing later in life. We are committed to helping children overcome their unhealthy lifestyles, an indicator being obesity figures in children.

Healthy Eating Family Workshop

Healthy Lifestyles For Adults

Healthy Lifestyles For Community

Healthy Lifestyles For Community

33% (1 in 3) children between the ages of 10 and 11 years old going into secondary education are obese

60% of children who are overweight between the ages of 2-4.5 are still overweight at age 12.(Nadar et al , 2008)

There is a 40-70% chance of obese children continuing to be obese throughout their adulthood. (Reilly 2003)

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