Support Services

As part of our drive to encourage individuals of all ages to adopt a healthy lifestyle, Achieving Goalz and Dreams also offers support to various groups and organisations whose members may need a helping hand in returning to a healthy active lifestyle incorporating both mind and body.

Stressful situations such as recovering from a serious illness or problems at school, may leave individuals feeling isolated and lacking in personal motivation. Achieving Goalz has a number of support programmes designed to help those individuals regain their self confidence and ability to interact through the introduction of positive organised activities..

All group events are geared to focus on all age groups encompassing a large variety of activities including

  • Visits to local events
  • Trekking days
  • Sporting days
  • Comedy clubs
  • Assault courses
  • Walks in the country
  • Motivational Tours & Talks with inspirational “role models”

We are happy to work with Cancer charities, Doctors and GPs for pain management and weight control programmes, The Princes Trust, Youth Services and School Attendance Officers. So whether you are going through patient recovery or risk exclusion from school or just need support to get you back to an active healthy lifestyle for your mind and body,


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